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The Fall of an Empire

With the election concluded, America has it’s share of firsts. It’s first black president, it’s first traitor as president, it’s first illegal alien president, wait, what? That’s right. Barrack Obama is a traitor to the American nation and an illegal alien. The information is out there, but I’ll get you started. Here and here. Have a look and decide for yourself.

On another note Obama has a solid record of voting in favor of against gun rights. That is voting against a basic fundamental tenant of the United States constitution. Voting against the right’s of all Americans. How can you be in favor of people’s rights when you have a long record of doing the opposite.

Just wait and watch, the assault on our rights will come swiftly and will be vicious, gun rights will only be the beginning. There are truly some sad days in store for the United States of America. I only hope there is something left to salvage in 2012.

I despair at the lack of political awareness of today’s young people. These very same young people are responsible for this travesty, just as their predecessors have been for most of recorded history. Younger people are full of life, full of enthusiasm, full of ignorance and unfortunately short-sightedness.

Democracy’s death will not be heralded by the crack of gun shots or by the deafening explosions of bomb’s, instead Democracy will die to the thunderous roar of applause. Only too late will we understand what we have done here today.

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. ” ~ Abraham Lincoln

It is my firm belief that we are wittnessing the beginning of the fall of the American Empire.

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