Monthly Archives: November 2013

The Truth About T.V. News,…

Proof that the news you watch on your local TV station is doctored, spun, massaged and controlled. The age of Walter Cronkite when news people actually researched, dug up and reported the news with unimpeachable integrity is long dead.

This aired on Conan O’Brien, and I agree with him, it is very scary.

An Awesomely True Accounting by Kelly Clarkson

This song has so much truth in it. Everyone’s been there at one time or another. Very few have the strength to walk away for the betterment of all concerned. Here’s to those who do!

My New Favorite Song by P!nk

She hit another one out of the park. It’s catching, bouncy and features the lead singer of Fun. Nate Ruess. So much win in this one.

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