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Application of Amendments

Another thought occurred to me, it just took a bit to put into words.

Everyone accepts as common knowledge that the 1st Amendment applies solely and indisputably to individuals. As do all other rights guaranteed in the bill of rights. No one would argue for example that the 5th Amendment, the right NOT to incriminate ones self, or the 4th Amendment, the right to be free of unlawful searches and seizures, would apply ONLY to a governmentally constituted agency or the government its self.

Everyone accepts and actively defends that the amendments and rights in the bill of rights, apply to individual people. So why is it that these people insist that the one amendment they don’t like, the 2nd Amendment, is the ONLY ONE in the list, that applies ONLY to a governmental body, The National Guard?

SO what they’re basically saying is, the founding fathers, when drafting the bill of rights, went, “the people, the government, the people, the people, the people, the people, the people, the people, the people, the people”.

Does that make any sense at all?

If one single amendment in the bill of rights applies to “the people” they all do. If one of them does not apply to the people, then they all don’t. These liberal “interpretationists” need to make up there mind. They CANNOT have it both ways.

Since the wording of the 2nd amendment is so specific, I think I’ll go ahead and side with it, the founding fathers and the supreme court. It’s “the people’s” right.

Advocating Murder Over Beliefs

Sitting here this evening, thinking about Christmas and the troubles in our country at the moment, a very serious question dawned on me.

Do the people advocating murder of NRA members and gun owners realize, they are advocating murdering people for their beliefs?

Just wondering. They are advocating the exact same thing as those in power did during the Spanish inquisition, and every “ethnic cleansing” or “religious persecution” that ever took place in history. Murdering people who have committed no crime, but believe differently than they do.

These same people advocating the same acts that they themselves condemn as part of humanity’s “barbaric, unenlightened past,..”

Makes ya think, doesn’t it? If not, I am very, very concerned about you.

The True Purpose of the Second Amendment!

The second amendment is not about sport or target shooting or even self defense. The second amendment is about power. It’s about the power of the people to exercise their right to fire their government by force if need be.

The RIGHT of the people to abolish and replace the government and to institute new government is the most high right delegated SOLELY to the people by the constitution.

The second amendment is the vehicle through which this is possible, as no government, run amok to the point that abolishment is necessary, will willing surrender its self to judgement, except through force of arms.

All government agents and agencies would do well to consider that by attempting to usurp the rights of law abiding Americans, you put yourself and your office at risk of the judgement of the people as laid forth in the constitution that created your office.

You’ve been warned.

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