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Stop the over commercialization of the holidays

Stop the over commercialization of the holidays.

We as a society have lost the feeling, motivation and purpose behind holidays. They have become a vehicle for greed, over indulgence selfishness.

Halloween in October, Thanksgiving in November, Christmas in December.

Holiday sales, specials and decoration should be put out no earlier than the 1st of the month in which the holiday occurs.

Retail stores should stop putting Christmas stuff out before Halloween, skipping Thanksgiving completely. It makes me sad and long for my childhood when the holidays as a season and individually, actually meant something.

Coining a new term,…

I am officially coining the term, Tacti-Sheeple.

Tacti-Sheeple are anyone that acquires, raves about and promotes with religious zeal, any new gadget, bolt on upgrade or accessory despite it having no functional or practical use, simply because it is “tacti-cool” or the “next big thing”.

They follow the “High Speed, Low Drag” self proclaimed “Operators” crowd around with their noses up their asses, fawning all over how “cool” they are with all their expensive high tech gear.

They deride,  label and try to intimidate anyone that doesn’t subscribe to the “coolness” of the gadget as a “hater” or “old timer”. They simply cannot accept the fact that some people do not subscribe to their version of cool, and would rather have something simple and functional whether or not its the newest thing on the block.

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