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Project ‘Ziggy’: Rebuilt “Zombie” Rifle

First off let me state, I do not believe that ACTUAL rotting flesh dripping zombies are or are likely to be a real threat we will be called upon to deal with. The term “Zombies” is a metaphor for any number of social situations or societal disorders, in which we may be called upon to deal with predators and threats of the two legged variety. It is more socially acceptable to state the threat as a “zombie”, rather than to openly discuss “head shots on hostile human targets”.

With that being said, I present project “Ziggy”.

Base weapon: Ruger 10/22 Carbine purchased in April 2007, just before the roll out of the new receiver finishes and plastic trigger housings.


Rifle: 10/22 Carbine

Ruger Compact Barrel (fiber optic sights)
VQ Hammer
VQ Extractor
VQ Extended Magazine Release
Power Custom Bolt Handle
Weapon Kraft Bolt Buffer

DIY Auto Bolt Release

Tapco T6 Stock
Tapco Short VFG
Tapco Universal Sling
True Shot Bravo Sights (flash hider included with sights kit, I also ordered the optional fiber optic front sight inserts. Pink one used in response to challenge from PrimalSeal (it also happens to work pretty damn well at picking up ambient light))
Leapers UTG 3.9″ CQB red/green dot
Streamlight PolyTac
Magpul Picatinny rail segment
extra 1″ scope ring I had laying around

Ruger BX-25 magazines (a lot of them)

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