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Happy Halloween from the Corel…

Happy Halloween from the Corelogik family to yours. Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Halloween this year. Be safe!

An old game gets new life – Starcraft on Windows 7

If your like me, you find certain games and you stick with them. It doesn’t matter how old they get or how “outdated” the graphics seem, they just have that special something that keeps you coming back for more. Enter Stracraft. Originally released in 1998, Starcraft is one of those games that just stays playable no matter how old it gets.

The problem is, Windows and computer technology doesn’t age so well. The way that Windows handled games and associated permissions in 1998 bears almost no resemblance to how it handles games and permissions now.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 have a whole new permissions architecture. The problem lies in the fact that Windows didn’t have aero in 1998. It does now. That is the source of the issue. Starcraft still runs just fine on Windows Vista/7 machines, but if you launch it, windows explorer and windows aero inverts and scrambles the colors to the point that it becomes unplayable. So, what is one to do that wants to play this classic game?

I found the solution. I don;t claim credit for it, but I’m reproducing it here for anyone else that wants to know.

Create a text file on your desltop and add the following lines to it;

taskkill /f /IM explorer.exe
C:\"Program Files"\"Starcraft"\"StarCraft.exe"
start explorer.exe

Replace “Program Files” with the path to your Starcraft installation. Rename the file with a .bat extension. Now when you want to play Starcraft, double click this file to launch it. This will fix the coloring issue when you launch Starcraft. You must keep the quotes in the line for it to work.

A pre-made copy of this file is available in the downloads section.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-16

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