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Firefox 5 & Linkification

With the first of Firefox’s new “rapid release” versions being released and now available, it is inevitable that somethings would be broken. First up on the list are the simple things. Extensions and add-ons that work just fine, but do to a single line in it’s install file, refuses to work with the new version of the browser. Enter linkification. Linkification “Converts text links into genuine, click-able links.

The thing is, the add-on works fine, relies on no esoteric new engine or specific architecture or any other “buzz word” salad whiz bang acronym associated with “web 2.0” to work. It simply stopped working in Firefox 5 because of a single line in the installer file. I have modded a version of this add-on to work with Firefox 5 until the developer can make an official release.

If you trust me, simply download and install. If you don’t here’s how to make your own version.

1.) Download the latest version of linkification from the developer site.
2.) Open the .xpi file with something like 7-Zip and extract the install.rdf file to your desktop.
3.) Open the file in a text editor capable of doing so. I used Notepad++
4.) Change the following line from, “< em:maxversion>4.0.*< /em:maxversion>” to “< em:maxversion>5.0.*< /em:maxversion>“.
5.) Replace the install.rdf file in the xpi file with your modified one.
6.) Go to your Firefox extansions panel and install from file, browse to where you put the .xpi file and your off and running.

I am not affiliated or endorsed in anyway by Firefox, Mozilla or yellow5.

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