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The Trademark Blacklist

Wow, it’s been a busy month for major news events! I hope you didn’t miss all CNET’s great coverage of the 2010 trade show for electronic consumer goods and devices, held back in January.

And on Sunday, our publisher, CBS, will air a fabulous contest between two teams engaged in a (hopefully) thrilling game of gridiron football. And the opening festivities of the quadrennial snow season international athletic competition will have you glued to your seat on February 12!

Insert imaginary Olympic rings here.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? That’s the point. Welcome, friends, to the way the good folks at the National Football League, the International Olympic Committee, and the Consumer Electronics Association would prefer that we refer respectively to the Super Bowl, CES, and the Olympics, if those references are anything other than the strictest possible news terms. And even then, they’d like big-time control over what we say and how we say it.

Source: CNET

Don’t these morons realize that’s incidents like this that make people like me want to go out do the exact opposite of whatever it is they said I couldn’t do?

Choke on it morons!

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