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Wipe them out, all of them!!

You knew it was coming, I told you it would. Attack of the Obamanation has begun and the traitor hasn’t even taken office yet. His ‘staff’ actually had the balls to post their agenda on his ‘transition team’ website. When Tom Gresham and other media outlets began talking about and spreading it around, they yanked it down in a hurry. Unfortunately for them, you can’t yank fast enough to out run Google.

To expose one lie already put out by them in an attempt to get the propaganda machine rolling. The ‘Tiahrt’ amendment that they want to real to aid law enforcement, is really a federal law that prevents the release of gun trace data to any except, law enforcement. Law enforcement officers, during the course of a legitimate investigation, can already get all the ‘gun trace data’ that they need/want. All repealing the amendment would do is release the same data to cities, and individuals that would like to sue the gun companies out of existence.

Yup, were in for it now folks. Read more on the Google cached version of their own web page, right here!

Twitter Updates for 2008-11-06

  • Listened to Leo chat with PC,.. I think I just found a new author to read. Funny stuff! #

Twitter Updates for 2008-11-05

  • It is my firm belief that we are wittnessing the beginning of the fall of the American Empire. God help us all! #
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