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Twitter Updates for 2008-10-30

  • More research on Linux viability. Looking good so far. #

Will Microsoft never learn?

With the multitude of versions of Windows Vista, confusion reigns. Which version to you need? What’s the difference between them? See the story by ZD Net: Well, now we know two flavors of Windows 7 | Hardware 2.0 |

It would seem that the stage is set for the mass versioning confusion to continue. Microsofts upcoming Windows 7, which is a misnomer in itself, is turning out to continue the tradition.

Microsoft and others should take a que from companies such as Canonical and Apple. All you really need is two maybe three versions of any operating system. As I see it, you need the following versions;

  1. Home (For the consumer, load it with everything.)
  2. Business (Strip out most of the consumer level “fun” stuff and maybe add some encryption tools)
  3. Server (Optimized to run as a server, DUH!)

That’s it. That’s all you need. The only added edition I can think of is maybe a family pack ala Apple, that allows home users to install their copy on multiple systems. Hey Microsoft, you want to cut down on piracy? There’s your formula, idiots.

The business users would of course get volume license’s of the business and server versions, but you dont need a special edition just for that.

As long as Microsoft continues to support draconian DRM schemes, confuse the hell out of it’s customers with endless non-sensical versions of it’s OS and act like general jackasses, their share of the market will continue to decline. Eventually, years from now, people will wonder what Microsoft was and what all the fuss was about.

In search of the penguin

I consider myself to be a technology person. I like technology. New gadgets, new software, whatever gets the job done. I have spent the last eight years using Macintosh hardware and software. I like Apple, I like Apple products. I have nothing but contempt for Microsoft. 

In recent month’s, with the economy in the tank and the local job situation being what it is, I have been taking another look at Linux. I know several people that have nothing but contempt for Linux. They despise it as much as I do Microsoft. I understand their position. People tend to stick to what they know. This isn’t my first foray into the Linux world. I investigated it several years ago. At the time neither it nor I were ready for each other. The playing field has certainly changed. A couple of new distro’s of Linux have emerged that I think solve the majority of the drawbacks that have held Linux back for years.

I normally buy 2 computers, every two years. A laptop and a desktop. For the last several years, these have come from Apple. I, like many, can no longer afford to do that. My current systems will be 3 years old in February. It is time for them to retire to the roles of family PC’s. So the question is, how do I get the new technology I need?

Obviously for price reasons it wont come from Apple no matter how much I like them. Enter Linux. With several OEM’s now offering pre-built Linux systems and with the vast universe of free or minimal cost software available. I feel the time is right to take the leap. During my research I discovered the following;

I can buy 2 systems, with upgrades, for the price of one slightly upgrade Mac.

I can get for free, all the software I need to continue my web/video/photography development hobbies, that would cost hundreds or thousands for the Mac.

The hardware will be faster, more powerful, and barring physical breakage, last longer than the Mac equivalent.

So follow along as I research which apps I will need to replace the iLife suite from Apple, Microsoft Office and others I will need to make a successful transition.

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