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A second source,…

Some people would be loathe to believe anything that may on it’s surface appear to be “tin foil hat” related without further substantial proof. Some people of course are too frightened of life without the Government to take care of them, that they would rather deny everything, that to admit and acknowledge anything. Especially if that something, comes into conflict with their painstakingly crafted mental ideals and images of how things are and should be.

If you’re not frightened of your government yet, you really should be. The time  is coming when you will no longer be able to keep your head in the sand, and you will have to decide if you are made of the same stuff that our forefathers were, or if you would have been off being born in the old British Empire.

Well, here it is, straight from the horses mouth so to speak.

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The silencing of opponents is about to begin,…

Under the guise of curbing the “radicalization” of U.S. citizens and identifying and purging potentially violent persons from the Internet, the White House has initiated the creation of a new interagency working group to address what it calls a growing problem.

“Violent extremist groups ─ like Al Qaeda and its affiliates and adherents, violent supremacist groups, and violent “sovereign citizens” ─ are leveraging online tools and resources to propagate messages of violence and division. These groups use the Internet to disseminate propaganda, identify and groom potential recruits, and supplement their real-world recruitment efforts. Some members and supporters of these groups visit mainstream fora to see whether individuals might be recruited or encouraged to commit acts of violence, look for opportunities to draw targets into private exchanges, and exploit popular media like music videos and online video games. Although the Internet offers countless opportunities for Americans to connect, it has also provided violent extremists with access to new audiences and instruments for radicalization.”

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Get the White House “Fact Sheet” below;

The larger issue of course is that this is the beginning of the infringement of free speech under the guise of “protecting the people”. We told you all this would happen when they launched the all out assault on guns and gun owners. We were told it couldn’t, wouldn’t happen. Well, here you go, we told you so!

Application of Amendments

Another thought occurred to me, it just took a bit to put into words.

Everyone accepts as common knowledge that the 1st Amendment applies solely and indisputably to individuals. As do all other rights guaranteed in the bill of rights. No one would argue for example that the 5th Amendment, the right NOT to incriminate ones self, or the 4th Amendment, the right to be free of unlawful searches and seizures, would apply ONLY to a governmentally constituted agency or the government its self.

Everyone accepts and actively defends that the amendments and rights in the bill of rights, apply to individual people. So why is it that these people insist that the one amendment they don’t like, the 2nd Amendment, is the ONLY ONE in the list, that applies ONLY to a governmental body, The National Guard?

SO what they’re basically saying is, the founding fathers, when drafting the bill of rights, went, “the people, the government, the people, the people, the people, the people, the people, the people, the people, the people”.

Does that make any sense at all?

If one single amendment in the bill of rights applies to “the people” they all do. If one of them does not apply to the people, then they all don’t. These liberal “interpretationists” need to make up there mind. They CANNOT have it both ways.

Since the wording of the 2nd amendment is so specific, I think I’ll go ahead and side with it, the founding fathers and the supreme court. It’s “the people’s” right.

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